May 26, 2009

my new title

a month ago today i was invited to accept a title i've long been dreaming of... Furious Theatre Company Ensemble Member. Gaaaa. it was quite an honor, something i'm only now getting used to. a week ago The Theatre @ Boston Court hosted The Furious for an afternoon bbq in anticipation of our co-production this summer. introducing myself as "megan goodchild, ensemble member" made my heart sing... i couldn't help smiling ear to ear.

(just call me furious.)

May 24, 2009

this name of mine

this name of mine has been the subject of many a conversation in my life. if i were a woman of numbers i'd say of the 10,892 days i've been alive, at least 7,000 of those have included a conversation about my name...
"are you really a good child"
"do people always comment on your name?"
"i bet you felt a lot of pressure growing up to be a good child..."
"ha {insert a chuckle or two} cute name."
"did you get called 'bad child' a lot while growing up?"

needless to say this name, megan marie goodchild, is something i've grown to love about myself. it's one of the few constants on my journey of self discovery. it's not the name i was born with(more on that lovely subject later), but it's certainly who i've become over the years... and who i intend to stay.