September 29, 2009

in disguise

I am writing here in stealth. Taking a moment to myself on my corporate computer to document a moment for Megan. I'll just let this Super Assistant cape drape on the coat hook of my cubicle as I share / write for a few...

This morning I drove to work in silence. By choice. Radio off. Phone off. Just the sound of my breathing, my tires on the road, the turning signal. The sound of cars as they drove along side me or passed me or whizzed by in the opposite lane. The dull chatter of two women as I stopped at a light in Chinatown. A few impatient car horns, one siren. It was a beautiful soundtrack. And as I neared my office, much to my delight, a few hundred chanting voices near a city building begging for a better Los Angeles. Again, it was beautiful.

And, I'm remembering the feeling of silence. I am breathing. (Ah... delight.)

But, the phone rings. My boss calls my name from his open door. The cape magically reappears. Heels slipped gracefully back on. Just a moment of me and now I'm back to the corporate thing. Bye.

September 22, 2009

finally finally

At long, long last Pure Shock Value has finally been submitted to a film festival. Well, four festivals to be exact. Four of the thirteen for this calendar year. So, after 14 months from preproduction to now we are finally out there. It feels good. Oh so good. But, of course this is no ending... this, dear friends is only the beginning. We've only just begun...

September 10, 2009


I'd like to introduce the newest member of the Goodnoch family, little Perry.

He's a shelter doggie, roughly 2 years old and a Terripoo (they think). He stole our hearts a two weeks ago while visiting a shelter near my parents home. Now his new home is our home. Our hearts are full and we couldn't be happier (!)

September 9, 2009


I'm almost at the 3 year mark of life with current job. I am past the 4 year mark with the (dirty word alert) corporate world. All the while thinking I resided on the outside of this (here it comes again) corporate thing. Turns out I was wrong.

While cruising the Yahoo! front page this morning I came across, The Most Annoying, Overused Words in the Workplace. This article outlines ten overused buzzwords. I began reading the article thinking I'd enjoy it from the outside and privately snicker as I connected the various annoying words to annoying coworkers. Turns out... I am guilty of two. TWO damn it.

Four years. Two buzzwords. At this rate I'll be singing ten before you know it. But tell me, how guilty are YOU?