July 30, 2010

birthday girl

Today I turned 31. Thirty one.

Nick and I spent the day driving through the gorgeous California mountains and farmland to San Francisco. The drive was filled with chatter about our lives, This American Life podcasts and hours of top-tapping as we listened to excellent music while taking in the amazing landscape. Gorgeous scenery + excellent company + an evening of delicious food in SF = one happy Birthday Girl. Thank you, Nick, for yet another lovely birthday. { SF pictures to follow, I'm sure. }

{ image of my 29th birthday at Cinespia }

PS: I can't tell you the number of times I've heard folks complain about the drive from LA to the bay area along the 5 freeway for its lack of beauty. I just don't understand. Truth be told, it's full of wilderness and life... I enjoyed every moment.

July 29, 2010

a present for me, and one for you

As I type Nick is getting my birthday surprise (gasp) and I am busy creating a surprise of my own for San Francisco this weekend: a visit to Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream. How does Peanut Butter Curry ice cream sound? Or White Chocolate Lavender? (My mouth is watering.) And a few things that I think he'll love: Strawberry Candied Jalapeno, McEvoy Olive Oil and Guinness Gingerbread. And Government Cheese? WHAT (!) Maybe he can get a whole TOWER of ice cream sandwiches in a handful of their delightful flavours.

PS: I think this will make me the best wife ever. I'm just sayin'...

July 27, 2010


A little something to brighten this overcast and gloomy summer morning. (Where is our Los Angeles summer?)

July 22, 2010

July 21, 2010

crafty weekend

Where will I be spending a few hours this weekend? You guessed it:

I'm kinda geeking out at the thought... I anticipate wild, endless inspiration. I mean, how can you beat this locale? I pass this park everytime I take the train to work and have always, always wanted to go... Delight.

AND we get to take the train from Pasadena to the fair. It's a no-cars kinda afternoon, which qualifies this adventure as a Double Delight.

July 20, 2010

SF & Food Carts

So, the research for our San Francisco adventure continues... today I located a SF Weekly article that makes my mouth water. Soul Cocina where he cooks an entirely new cuisine each night and Crème Brûlée Cart with varieties of gourmet creamy goodness seem like heaven. I am beginning to think we'll be eating our way across the Bay Area...

PS: There's also a SF Food Cart Project. What?!?!

{ image via }

July 19, 2010

my surpirse

A few weeks ago Nick mentioned a surprise for my birthday. I knew the date and time, but nothing further. For days I tried in vain not to guess. (I have a wild imagination and am, hence, a good guesser. My only recourse? Not to think at all.)

Finally late last week I ran across a listing for the Gypsy Kings at The Greek Theatre. What a delight that would be. A few days later a friend emailed a group about joining them at The Hollywood Bowl for The Swell Season, She & Him, and The Bird and The Bee. My heart fluttered at the thought. Surely my husband knew me well enough to buy these tickets (!) I wrote her back declining, but explaining that maybe (just maybe) I'd be there, too...

Finally Sunday arrived. After my morning at the LA Flea Market, I came home to found a husband prepared with backpack, cooler, wine, beer, blanket, delicious feast and walking shoes for our Metro adventure to the (still) undisclosed location.

As we boarded the Gold Line in Pasadena headed for Union Station he asked me if I wanted to guess our final destination. I thought about guessing wrong once or twice for good measure, but apparently I'm just too selfish for such an act of love. When he confirmed my suspicions my heart REALLY started to flutter. And as we sat there chatting on the train, feast in hand, adventure ahead of us I felt a wave of love and thanks wash over me knowing that I've married just the right someone...

Needless to say it was an AMAZING evening. All my favorite foods, a bottle of my favorite wine, my favorite man, and one of my favorite bands*... And who did we find seated almost directly behind us as we shimmied through the row to our seats? The very same friends who invited us there days before.

{ image of the Bowl as the sun set behind us... *The Bird and The Bee filling our ears & souls }

July 17, 2010


... this is the first thing your weary eyes see in the morning, how can you have anything but a lovely day?

my new wet dream

Not sure what it says about me when that God, I Miss NYC feeling to surges to insane levels over learning about a project such as this: Park Avenue Dumpster Pools. But here I am, sleepless at 4am on a Saturday morning wishing I could be there in August to dip my toe in these waters "with Grand Central Terminal and the MetLife Building serving as a backdrop". I mean, how INSANELY creative is that?

{ image via NYTimes }

July 16, 2010

magnolia magnolia

I am thrilled. Thrilled. THRILLED. Magnolia Bakery comes to Los Angeles today at noon.

Let me be the first to admit, I think this joint is overrated. I never really cared for their cupcakes when I lived in NYC. Shoot me, I know... I'm committing a sin in many people's eyes with this simple admission, but honestly, there was something too sweet about the frosting for my taste. But here's what it boils down to (1) Anything that makes me feel a little closer to the city I love is reason for excitement. And, (2) they have a flourless frickin' chocolate cake whose pan they "dust the pan with cocoa to keep this product gluten free”.

So, deardear Magnolia Bakery: I'm coming back to your arms. Please {for the love of chocolate} don't let me down. Thanks (!)

July 1, 2010

the first half

It's officially been six months of wedded bliss. We're getting our marriage-sea legs so to speak... talking and learning and exploring and growing and negotiating and talking and talking and talking. It's delightful. A journey with no end. I can honestly say, I've never been happier...