April 1, 2010


A lovely friend, Stephanie of Love in the Time of Foreclosure, recently tweeted about a Young House Love post on money management. 'Twas a very encouraging post and actually made me revisit my recent struggle over our family's choice to be a two car family. Crazy thought for LA, I know, but when you consider car payments, gas, insurance, maintenance, etc. it seems somehow easier to comprehend. (At least while we're still a family of two + 1/2.) But I digress...

While clicking through their blog I also stumbled upon another post which talks about the lovely feeling of downsizing. Myself, a notorious purger (of household goods that is), LOVES the thought. Given that we live in a rather intimate one bedroom bungalow it's actually a necessary key to our sanity. And like I've mentioned before, simplicity is a frequent goal.

I think perhaps as I drive my car home today (relishing in our two-car-family-life for now) I'll contemplate a few actions towards simplifying / purging / shedding. Perhaps I'll have a few ideas to share... Perhaps, perhaps.