January 29, 2010

letter to self

Dear Megan,

There are moments like this when you are surrounded by uncertainty. When panic is in the air. Change. The unknown. In these moments you can submerge yourself in the uncertainty & panic. Despair about change. Fret the unknown.

{ or }

You can choose to just slow down & float above this moment. Look out the window of your office. Take a deep breath as the sun goes down over Los Angeles. Watch the colors of the sky grow&swirl&change and just be quiet. And thankful.

But it's your choice. (Good luck)


January 26, 2010

instantly better.

It's raining here in Los Angeles. Again. If I were home, I'd be in cute flannel PJ's with my cute puppy and my equally cute husband. But instead I'm processing invoices. In a high rise. In downtown LA. My mood is nothing short of dismal. Well, I guess I should say I felt dismal. That is until my cool friend reminded me about a little blog that's like an instant shot in the arm of my-life-is-so-much-better-than-yours juice. Now, my only dilemma is deciding which is my favorite... (thanks, super cool friend)

Here are my top faves so far:

"and then when she swallowed her birth control with a shot of vodka and looked in my direction, i knew it was time to go."

"just fyi, hangover + ice skates = really bad idea"

"I'm stoned in an empty parking lot listening to dave matthews while looking for a lighter... I feel like I sent this 7 years ago."

"two words: eviction party"

January 25, 2010

best friends

Yesterday it happened. Otis (top) and Perry (bottom) met for the very first time. It was eventful. Joyous. Dramatic at times. And although they gave us very little indication they will one day be best friends we're convinced it'll happen.

PS: Aren't they just the cutest?

January 1, 2010

last night...

... on the last night of the year... we got married.  Words cannot describe. But I'll try. Later on...

{ LOVE }