November 2, 2010

... Until then I just ate.

Let me just say, if Julia could begin a career of epic proportions at the ripe ol' age of thirty-two, then FAB, 'cause I am just over a month away from following in her shoes. Here’s to my thirties and dear, sweet Julia.

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November 1, 2010

Sex & The Silly

I, like most ladies my age, will tell you in an honest moment between cocktails that I love Sex & the City. Especially while living in the New York City, single in my 20s, this show was like my rock. And on certain occasions, when gems of truth revealed themselves, it became (if only for a brief moment) my bible of sorts. And that's how I felt when these little words were spoken. I remember watching this episode in my tiny Astoria bedroom while eating fresh cut mango from the corner bodega, hearing these words and feeling like it was written just. for. me.

I watched it, re-watched it, memorized it, scribbled it down... and much to my surprise, all these years later I find there is another little lady who felt it just as profoundly, 'cause lo and behold, here's a stunning little print.

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