October 24, 2009


Happy (peaceful) Saturday morning to you...

October 19, 2009

early morning hunt

Another morning waking two hours before my alarm and yes, the sun. Thoughts of wedding won't leave my head. I hop on the computer to resume with last night's search for inspiration.

Here's what I found:

I won't say how this will appear in our wedding, but it'll be another small touch that I'm planning hide. And it's perfect. Especially given our wedding website address: www.nicklovesmegan.com

I'm thinking Scrabble tiles might make their way into the event as well. But that decision will have to wait for the groom to open his eyes...

[image from Sarah Drake]

October 18, 2009


Ingredients for a lovely Sunday evening:
  • silk pajama bottoms
  • Hanes v-neck tee
  • pad thai delivery
  • new episode of Mad Men on the television
  • and my two men sitting by my side
(and perhaps a lil gluten-free cupcake for dessert with a lovely cup of tea)

October 15, 2009

perfect girls, perfect shoes

Oh, Keds. Keds. Keds. The memories of you still so strong after twenty years. It was an all out obsession. Not just me, not just my little southern California school, but apparently 'cross state lines. My pal, dearKatie from Austin, TX has confirmed this, "I did have a pair of the classic white lace ups. But they were filthy after like, a day. But my friend Mary Harry* always seemed to have a fresh pair. I'm sure she just washed them like a normal person." Of course this left me with visions of a certain (snotty) girl in my junior high who actually did not RUN for fear of bending her shoe at the toe, and seperating rubber and canvas. But when she DID run, like in P.E., she ran with straight legs and a prissy, pained look on her face. It was a sight. (Although I of course tortured myself for not being as controlled and perfect as said (snotty) girl.)


So, why do I bring this up you ask? Well, Keds are back. Well, have been. I vaguely remember some teen TV star sporting some in my InStyle magazine some years ago. But, now they're back in a far more exciting way... they're going green. Or at least somewhat. And, the design below makes me want to melt. Or squeel. Or run straight-legged and prissy-faced on the nearest blacktop.

I (heart) you, Keds. And thanks for sharing all about Keds, dearKatie.

* Name changed to protect the innocent.

October 14, 2009

our family & family guy

Last night we were cuddling in bed (me, Nick and our new love, Perry). Family Guy was on the television (Nick's selection). Out of nowhere Perry's head pops to attention, his ears perk up and eyes become transfixed on the screen. After a moment of pause he bolts to the end of the bed where he remains seated for over (I dunno) 6 minutes, eyes locked on this silly episode of Family Guy. I cannot tell you how hard Nick & I laughed at the sight (quietly, of course, as to not end the moment). And for those 6 (or so) minutes this was my view, tears of laughter in my eyes and a full heart:

October 8, 2009

water water everywhere

At a (thrilling, thrilling) corporate meeting this morning I sipped on the most delicious water I've ever tasted. And as my mind wandered I began to notice the bottle in my hand, admiring its shape and intricacies. Sitting in that meeting I fantasized about serving this water at my wedding (it's green afterall, with an old-world feel). Well, the moment I got back to my desk I began madly searching for this delicious, beautiful water. Not to my surpirse this New Zealand gem is DAMN expensive. (Sadness.) But, as the bottle sat in my window as the days rolled on and the sun made its way around the sky scrappers, it hit me. Vases. VASES.

I spent the next few hours visiting each employee in our office chittchatting, smoozing, and damn near begging for their bottle. I now have 14 in total. I feel like a wedding-planning, design-loving, tree-hugging goddess right now.

PS: These are going to go beautifully with my cut glass vases.

PPS: Turns out I'm not the only person who's admired this bottle.