December 21, 2011


... our little angel. These announcements began hitting mailboxes of family & friends this morning. Feedback is already poring in. But, all I can think is it's amazing how quickly these little babies change. I look at this photo and marvel at how much she's grown since I took this, oh, four whole weeks ago. { gosh, i am TERRIBLY in love }

{ image via yours truly & text design by west willow designs }

July 26, 2011

shake their booty

These tongue-in-cheek salt & pepper shakers just make me chuckle. Oh, and P.S.: the seasoning sprinkles come out of their behinds. Their beHINDS (!) How. cute. is. that.


June 30, 2011

mom porn

{ thank you {frolic!} for introducing me to THE GLOW }

June 29, 2011

good {yawn} morning

Today I will be enjoying my ((mostly)) decaf coffee while enjoying the sights & sounds* over at the JCrew Tumbler. Here's a little something for you, too...

{tell me that bag & all its spilling loveliness doesn't just make you want to forget the work day and go on a fabulous adventure... go 'head... lie to me.}

{um, Marissa? that is the most perfectly stacked wedding ring finger i have ever seen. ever. bravo.}

{the ROSEBOWL FLEA? really? i feel so lucky and special... it's like my second home. once a month. for a few hours. with a gazzillion other fashion / vintage / design - loving souls.}

{and again... flea markets. GAH. i'm itching to go now. too bad it's a damn tuesday. er, wednesday.}

*Okay, I'll admit the sounds are mostly (read: all) me "oooh"ing and "ahhh"ing. But you can't say you didn't do the same thing.

June 24, 2011

Yogi Mama

Last night I tiptoed out of work a teensy bit early {shhhh... don't tell} and rushed off to my first prenatal yoga class at my favorite yoga studio. And. It. Was. Divine. Not that I necessarily thought as much during the class, but afterwards... like now, I feel won...der...ful... All this growing had my body pulling / sitting / standing / sleeping in all sorts of odd positions and I think it just finally caught up with me. And my favorite part about the actual class was the instructors constant reminders about checking in with the baby, connecting with her, feeling her. I try to do that in my day-to-day on my own, carving out time for just the two of us, but when I'm isolated (as with this class) it's just so much more powerful. Needless to say, I'll be back (but next time in a comfier pair of yoga pants {wink}).

{ image via }

June 23, 2011

+ + + +

Every once & a while an image comes along that makes my heart swoon for NYC life again. Who am I kidding, it's FAR more frequent than that. Regardless, today's image is that of the + Pool. A fantastic project I'm sure you've read about it, as I had before today, too. But there's something about this image that just makes my little heart sing. Which is silly considering I grew up living 20 minutes from Malibu and still live only a short drive away...

{ image via }

June 14, 2011

mommy & daddy humor

Today, at the urging of one of my favorite bloggers, we downloaded the (now infamous) Samuel L. Jackson reading of Go the F**K to Sleep. We're saving it as a little treat for ourselves when we'll inevitably be sleep deprived and in need of a little adult laughter over the situation. I. Can't. Wait.

June 3, 2011

I. Have. Found. It.

After weeks of contemplation and searching I have finally found the rug combination for the nursery. My requirements? Natural, non-toxic fibers. Something with a hint of brightness & 100% cozy. My solution?

I can't TELL you how excited I am to see these two in action. DElight.

February 21, 2011


... Happy... Presidents Day, y'all.

(PS: Now that I've seen Angela Rossi's work, I can't imagine my home without something of hers in it. The only dilemma now, which piece to choose.)

February 11, 2011

Little Mouse Love

If I know my friend Kate at all {and I think I do}, she would L.O.V.E. this little fella. I might wait to buy it for her until she has a little Kate running around of her own, but mark my words, she'd die if she ever held it in her hands.

PS: We saw a mouse on an evening walk recently. Well, we saw screaming girls running towards us first, then the mouse scampering closely behind. And while the mouse looked nothing like this fella, we both agreed he did look pretty darn cute.

January 17, 2011

When Chocolate is Bad

Today I took this fella to the vet. He has a chocolate-y smelling ear. (I know... )

We waited for the doctor to arrive and Perry was oh so sweet and calm, hugging tightly to my side as I stood by the table. When the doctor finally came in, I explained the mysterious chocolate-scented ear, making sure to point out his perfect-seeming health otherwise. We chatted constantly and openly during the exam. But, as the doctor looked deep inside this little fella's ear I could tell something was not right. It was at this point that the doctor stopped speaking, looked me square in the eye and said, "you can do better."

We can do better? My heart sank. Deep.

Suffice it to say, it's only a little infection and he'll be fine in a few days with some medicine, but gosh did those words ever strike deep. (Sorry little fella)

January 6, 2011

creating your life

I've had this quote in my view for quite sometime. It sits on a small seagrass board with various other tidbits that speak to me. I have a hard time grasping these specific words, though. Intellectually I get it. I agree. Spiritually, however...

I am probably contemplating this more because it is a new year. Because I want my goals to be clearer. Because I, like every other trained actor, was told just the opposite for years and years. But now, I know I've got to wrangle in all those passions.

So, I'm taking steps. Making notes. It's January 6th and I'm still considering what the Resolutions on my list will be. But that's okay right? Sometimes it takes more than a few days to write such lists. Sometimes it takes years of staring at the same words... for them to finally... sink... in.

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