September 8, 2010

yoga, marriage & football

This morning as the sun rose, Nick and I headed out the door for his first yoga class. I took him to my favorite local spot to practice, Yoga House. We were both a wee bit nervous; he with the fear of "embarrassing me", but me with a fear that he'd hate it and never want to return. As he explained his fear walking in the crisp morning air to the studio, I laughed a little and reassured him. I, however, was not released of my fear until I saw him out of the corner of my eye valiantly holding pose after pose, breathing deep breath after deep breath.

My discovery? In the quiet moments when I heard his breath I fell just a little more in love, realizing that although we were very different people four years ago when we decided to spend the rest of our lives together, each day we take a step closer to the other. This part of marriage, my dears, is simply magic. It's the reason people "do" this, I think... to have that person by your side working to be better, breathing deeper and growing in ways you never thought possible.

Now that Nick's crossed over into yoga, how will I respond? I'll probably have to take the leap and (gulp) watch a football game this weekend. But, hey... it's all about sacrifice, right? I mean, growing. Yeah, growing...

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