June 29, 2011

good {yawn} morning

Today I will be enjoying my ((mostly)) decaf coffee while enjoying the sights & sounds* over at the JCrew Tumbler. Here's a little something for you, too...

{tell me that bag & all its spilling loveliness doesn't just make you want to forget the work day and go on a fabulous adventure... go 'head... lie to me.}

{um, Marissa? that is the most perfectly stacked wedding ring finger i have ever seen. ever. bravo.}

{the ROSEBOWL FLEA? really? i feel so lucky and special... it's like my second home. once a month. for a few hours. with a gazzillion other fashion / vintage / design - loving souls.}

{and again... flea markets. GAH. i'm itching to go now. too bad it's a damn tuesday. er, wednesday.}

*Okay, I'll admit the sounds are mostly (read: all) me "oooh"ing and "ahhh"ing. But you can't say you didn't do the same thing.